Generally, when you try to update your bank accounts at that time this quicken error cc 502 occurs in the system. This is a common and difficult error in Quicken App. Through this article, we will discuss the error cc 502 in Quicken and also provide some solutions steps to solve this problem. For solving this error cc 502 only you just need to follow and perform carefully these given steps.

When you receive or get this error cc 502 in quicken, so firstly you need to check out the Quick community for alerts on broader problems. And also recommend that you can not deactivate and reactivate your bank account, because this activity may give you some other issues.

Reasons Behind The Quicken error CC 502

  • The quicken application version is out of date.
  • The bank has updated some servers.
  • When there are some problems with your data files.
  • The installation process of the Quicken is not complete properly.
  • When Quicken files are Corrupted or damaged
  • Your device has got a virus
  • Some Problems with your bank web services

When you use the old version of Quicken Software:

If you are using the old version not the newly released version of Quicken, So you just need to download or install the newly released version of the Quicken software application and use it.

When financial institution updated some servers:

If you are using financial institutions in your system and this financial institution (FI) is updated on some servers. This procedure could also be the cause of this problem.

your system has got a virus:

When your system is attacked by viruses, it is the worst for you. Firstly you need to scan your system through the antivirus program just like MacAfee or other antivirus software programs. Always keep your device junk-free. This is important for your system.

Issues of the bank web services:

Some times issues of the bank web services under the maintenance, that may be the clue of this error cc 502.

The Solution To Fix Quicken Error CC 502

To Update Quicken Software

  • First of all, you need to open the Quicken software
  • After that go to the Help menu and click on the check for an updates menu option.
  • If you see that a new release is available there, then hit the Yes button to update the Quicken versions.
  • After that follow or perform the given instruction to complete this procedure.

check for update

To Refresh Online Banking information

  • Firstly, open Quicken Application and go to the Account Bar then select the account with which you are facing the problem. You can easily select it from the Account menu that is available on the left side of your system screen.
  • After selecting the account, then click on the right side gear icon if you can’t find this icon so you can press the Ctrl+Shift+N key at the same time with the help of the keyword.
  • Then click on the Update now button or you can press Ctrl+Alt+U key at the same time.
  • After completing this process one Step Update Summary will display the status.

One step update summary

To Validate The Quicken Files and Deactivate Account

  • Firstly, open the Quicken app, and go to the Tools menu then select the Account List option.

Account list

  • After opening the account list tab, go to the Edit option under the account list and press it.

edit option under the account list

  • After this appears a tab on the screen, then go to the Online Services.

online services

  • Then click on the deactivate option, that is available under the Online Services.
  • And click OK.

Note: Before this process, you need to check that if your Quicken file is not corrupted or damaged.

To Check If Your Quicken File Is Corrupted Or Not
  • First of all, Go to the File menu and select the File Operations then go to the Validate and Repair…option.

  • Then check the Validate file after this click on the OK button.

validate and repair window

  • After that displayed a save information window on the screen, then click on the Save button.
  • Then validate the filing process is a start, after completing this process you see a data_ log window on your system screen. In which window has shown the corrupted Quicken file.
  • After that close this Data_log Window.
To Reactivate Quicken Account
  • Firstly, open the Quicken app, and go to the Tools menu then select the Account List option. Or you can also press ctrl+A key at the same time to open the Account list.
  • Then click on the Edit option and visit the Online Services or click on the Set up Now button.


  • After this, a window will be displayed on your system screen, then in this window enter your username & password for the account.

activate one step update

  • And You can be promoted to enter a Quick ID and Password or Vault Password.
  • In this process of reactivating the account, Quicken will show you that instead of re-adding your account information, then be sure to link your account.

link of the account

If you still facing the Quicken error cc 502, then you just need to follow and perform the next solution.

To Create A New Quicken File Or Test File

  • For this procedure, open the Quicken application.
  • After this goes to the File menu and go to the New Quicken File Option.

new Quicken file

  • After that tap on the new data file and then hit the click on the OK.

New quicken file tab

  • And save the Quicken or Test file for using the name.
  • Completing this process select your account type and enter your username and password.
  • After that press the add account button.
  • Then choose your account type such as- savings, Checking, Credit Card, or other.
  • And also select the FI in which Quicken error cc 502.
  • After that again enter your username and password for your FI, and press the Sign in button, Then click on the Connect button.
  • If you have not to need to add the account again, move the cursor to add and click on the link on existing Quicken account and select the account in which getting quicken error code cc 502
  • Click on the Next button.
  • After appearing next tab click on the finish button.
  • Click on the On step window icon then mark the account facing an error and enter the password.
  • Then tap on the Update Now button.
  • After completing one step update process, then press the close button.