Xero accounting consultency services

Xero is cloud based accounting software platform for small and medium sized businesses. This is newZeeland domiciled public tech. Company, and listed from Australian stock exchange. It was found in a Wellington Studio Apartment in the year 2006 by Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards. When he felt that the traditional desktop accounting software had become outdated and decided to create a modern Xero cloud based product.

Xero support products are generally based on the SaaS, it means is software as a service. The model and sold by the subscription or depend on the types and the numbering of companies to entities managed by the subscribers. The product are using all over 180 other countries. The company entered the austrtalian market and the United Kingdom 2008. And united states in 2011. In 2017, xero support hit one million customers in all over the world. 

Xero has three branches in newZeeland( Wellington, Auckland and Napier), they have six offices in australia who is in Melbourne, Canberra,

Adelaide, Brisbane or perth. They two branches in the United Kingdom in London and Milton Keynes and the last three branches are in United states in Denver or San Francisco  and New York). As well as the other branches are running in South Africa, Hong-Kong, Singapur.

In 2019, xero announced they have hit the 1.8 million subscriber and 2500+ people around the world and achieved free cash flow to the first time.

Xero Integration benefits

  • By simple setup

    Fishbowl offers for a slick and seamless integration to Xero support that can be easily configured. Users can update instant records of accounting and create a new general ledger  account from the fishbowl.

  • Xero support for the accounts receivable

    The fishbowl handles order of the fulfillments include the sales order and pick, packing or shipping and Appropriate accounting adjustments with the Xero updates, inventory asset are namely, goods sold cost, and earning.

  • Xero support to payments

    Accepted any payments in the fishbowl, it will auto added in the as well as to Xero. You can able to take payments in Xero or use its  online option for payments.

  • Xero accounts payable

    Inventory is managed by the Xero fishbowl and purchase the creation order. Once you received, then fishbowl send bill to Xero Accounting with the all necessary accounting entries.

  • Xero Support contacts

    Along with Xero accounting and bills and invoices, or the new clients and vendors are automatically added in Xero from to fishbowl.

  • Inventory adjustments with Xero support

    The Cycle counts, scrapping inventory and other inventory adjustments are made by the fishbowl and will be sent to Xero automatically to keep books spot on.

  • Manufacturing Adjustments

    When fishbowl work order to completed then they will be posting to updating the accordingly to general ledger.

Easy to use Features of Xero support

In the present you need to grow your business with Xero accounting software to all time saving tools, you have to need. Here Xero is always safe & secure or reliable  and our experts are available to all time.

  • Easy invoices

    Creating the professional recurring invoices and receiving updates when they are opened.

  • Go mobile to xero support

    The Xero mobile app are working in the iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets.

  • IRAS tax complaint

    Xero make life very simple with give the automatic GST F5 calculation for easy IRAS fillings.

  • Multi-Currency

    Xero reconcile the foreign accounts currency with exchange and update the hourly rates.

  • Xero connected to direct with Bank

    Xero can connect directly with the major banks like DBS, HSBC, OCBC and UOB in singapore so that your all transaction data with xero is direct sent from banks to xero accounts.

  • Xero pay bills

    Managing the cash flow and make batch paying suppliers by schedule payments.

  • Create Purchase orders with Xero

    You can create and email to custom purchase orders or coping to the bills for the payments.

  • Expenses claims

    It is a easy to handle the personal expenses in just reviews and approved the receipt.

Xero support to pricing plans

Prices are available in USD and Price per entity with no ads and no additional charges for the more than one user.

  • Xero Support Starter Plan

    • Its prices is $20/months
    • Send only 5 Quotes & invoices
    • Enter 5 bills
    • Reconcile 20 bank transactions
    • Extra optionals
    • Projects pricing is $7 per month 1 user + $5 for each additional activities user per month. First month  is free for any number of users (only applies to the existing to xero user subscribers).
    • Xero Expenses price is $4/ month for 1 user + $4/ month For each additional active users per month.
  • Xero Support Standard Plans

    • Its prices is $30 per month for user
    • Here you can send invoices and quotes
    • Entering your bills
    • Reconciling the bank transactions
    • Xero extra optionals
    • Projects prices are $7 for 1 user per month + $5 for each additional active users per month. The first month is free for any number of users( they only applies existing to xero month subscribers).
    • Expenses price is $4 for 1 user per month + $4 for 1 user per month for each of any additional active users per month.
  • Xero Support Premium Plan

    • It prices is $40 per month for user
    • Here you send your quotes & invoices
    • Entering the bills
    • Reconcile with bank transactions
    • Handling the multiple currencies
    • Xero extra optionals
    • Projects price is $7 per months for 1 user +$5 for each additional active user of month. Here your first month is free for any number of users( only applies to existing for the Xero subscribers).
    • Expenses $4 per month for one user + $4 per month for each of any additional active user of month.

Contact with Xero Support

When you can using the Xero support accounting software you have need to some help or you want to ask your doubts. It’s good to know about this the following places to grow your knowledge and track on the Xero. The help centre is a handy resource which contains documentation and instruct to detail about every part of the Xero support products. The most direct path to access the help centre is by clicking button of the question mark in the top right of your system screen. You can directly enter from search bar, drop down list. Go to directly the help centre in your browser by going to help.Xero.com.

The best place to you you can contact our support team who is also directly from the drop down list. After you can searched the topic, a proceed button appear and Contact Xero support your query question. If you can allow our support team to see your business data by selecting this option, it can help them to solve your problem as soon as possible. After the one time solve your query, the access of your organisation will be removed to our support experts team are available anytime, and we target to always get back to you within 24*7.

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