NetSuite accounting software services

Netsuite is the best bookkeeping cloud based software company. who launch in america 1998 by Evan Goldberg with headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. That provides software and services to manage the financial operations & customer relations and it is best for small and medium sized businesses with the module for ERP.CRM,PSA,AND e-commerce. In july 2002, Zach Nelson was appointed CEO prior to the joining of Netsuite. The experience led him to the belief that all software would have delivered over by the internet, and he left the McAfee to join netsuite. He lead the company whose revenues starting from about $1 million to a billion-dollar run-rate prior to its acquisition by the Oracle Corporation.After  Initial public offering (IPO) Netsuite became a publicly trades of 6.2 million shares on the new york stock exchange in December 2007.

Netsuite Features

Netsuite Comprise to seven interrelates module and each module is draws data from a shared database. This inter connectivity affords to users to features of specific modules or cover below.

The financial management module offered to users for real time access to live financial data and the directed linked between the accounting and compliance management.

Users expecting to get to closed accelerated and accurate reporting on the real time data from this features:-

  • Accounting & Financing

    This tool is combined core accounting functions with the real time business insight or financial visibilities for the drive to financial growth.

  • Billing

    User can integrated the sales, finance or fulfillment for seamless processing with that module.

  • Revenue of Recognition

    This help for the compliance or scheduling module.

  • Reporting or financial planning

    That users do integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting, rendering in real time, on demand and decision making data.

  • Netsuite Global Accounting

    That feature is affordable to close, to disclose the capability, and the support to international compliance and regulations, or accelerated to closings.

  • Netsuite support with the Governance, Compliance or Risk

    This tool continue addressed to regularly and issue  risk via technology and automated process.

Order to management solution to improve the cash flow, enhance delivery for on time, reducing shipping cost and integrated with CRM with include that features:-

  • Pricing or Promotions of Netsuite Support

    This feature is handle multi price level, clients or currency to specific pricing, dollars and percentages of discount, promotion code and transaction level is gross profit to analysis level.

  • Return and sales order management

    User is able that can be access to dashboard which visualize the process of taking approved schedule, tracking, fulfilling, getting paid and handling to returns.

How To Works Netsuite Software?

Netsuite running with more than 1800 customers, Netsuite is 10 times larger than his next any largest competitor in the ERP market. A wide range of Netsuite functionalities with industry-specific support means Netsuite Support works with your genuine business requirements. The real time dashboard provide to engaging the graphical Reports, understanding into forecasting, benefits, inventory, and many more customizable functions. The Netsuite dashboard enabled to drag &  drop features and allowing employees to customize homepage for best fit their role and need.

Netsuite With Business Challenges

  • Lack controls and Approvals on the journal entries.
  • Grip too long for closed the books at the end of period & year.
  • Produce the regular manual reports and consuming the time or often excel requires.
  • Visibility is lack of real timing into the finances impedes decision making.
  • To many businesses required to operate.

Pros and Cons of Netsuite


Netsuite is scalable software. I will use NetSuitenetsuite at a company was doing $200million+ in revenue and company that is $60m in revenue. I really enjoy that Netsuite can be the almost complete customized to your industry and business. Netsuite provides automation of QuickBooks process that can’t handle. It is the better source for Keeping record as everything is somewhat seamless connected with this. Upload the batch for journal entries & a transactions and the uploading in general extremely useful and saving more time.

My pre company is used to fixed asset module which was good for the record bookkeeping and for the systematic recording, Amortization on monthly basis. That was also extremely useful to ensuring the our policy was uploading as amortization rule set and reducing error in amount of amortization assets. Total assets report ability and have their history in one spot for proving useful to our audit.

Currently we are implementing the rules for 606 and the multi book and ARM add-ons has proved it is very useful for our  reporting purposes. I really-really enjoying Netsuite uses for transactions rules as they can from company to company items. I loved to the search function tool so much flexibility tool and so much flexibility for create in reports helps us create reports for month end reconciliation purpose.


Netsuite answers has a fearful to algorithm for the search bar of system. The system is also not intuitive as others since the actual home screen it self customized by the roll, we also run into the need for the consultant and more tech administrator to provide working script for reporting. People with the Netsuite should not be expect the system for  doing everything will be perfectly & sadly the call centre is far less helpful than the US based consultants at Netsuite. However, you always escale to your Rep sales. 

Our solution is host on at time runs slower than I would prefer. I surprise if there is a way to increase the speed at which journal entries post large and multiple cells through by click.

Overall Netsuite

Netsuite is overall best to do. We have reliable of numbers or the ability to create a search or facilities the reports for data analysis. We can able to automate a lot of processes to expense,amortization, sales taxes and make interface is user friendly.

Netsuite Cloud Solutions

  • When the journal entries required to approval then using the business rules to define.
  • In the built period close to process and checklist.
  • Strong to native reporting engine with the many reports out of box as well the ability to create custom reports.
  • The Pro-Active business alerts and KPIs is cloud based, single database on real time system.
  • Financial segments can be used to reduce the numbers of accounts.
  • Online filling for the various countries to VAT reporting.

Netsuite Support

Netsuite is the best choice for manage all business data. It is a time saver software and expensive with these great features to improving your business activities. Your easily learn this in some time. If you find any doubt or query you can contact with the Netsuite support they will be support you at a time. 

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